Infusing Empathy and Humanity into Code Reviews

As software developers, our work is constantly exposed to our teammates for review. This is a good thing! Code reviews (also known as pull requests) enable us to ship high-quality software. They also provide a real opportunity to teach and to learn from each other. Sometimes code reviews aren’t so positive. Negativity starts to color […]

How we build at Textio

When’s the last time you had a chill-inducing, unforgettable idea? Ideas are fragile things, and good ones are incredibly rare. Ideas also have power – the right idea can be the catalyst to change our lives, our company, and our world. At Textio, our teammates bring unique, fresh ideas to their work every single day. […]

What I Champion in Software Development

This post serves as a living collection of ideas. Some ideas, I agree with. I bring up these ideas in meetings and advocate for them, but I understand if a decision gets made the other way. The ideas I’m talking about in this post have grown far beyond that point.  I believe the ideas below are so crucially important to the success […]